SaberCat MTXD

Like the Wolverine M5, Pacific Drilling Co.’s newest all-terrain drill rig is capable of accessing remote and rugged job sites, with some marked improvements. This remarkable, self-contained drill rig is a collaboration between Pacific Drilling and the engineers at MARL Technologies. Mounted on a heavy-duty, Western Star 4×4 high clearance truck chassis, this drill is truly the “Swiss Army Knife” of geotechnical rigs. It is equipped with 3.25-6.5 in. I.D. hollow stem augers, has mud rotary, air rotary, rock coring and SCPT capabilities, along with a digital self-calibrating eSPT™ auto hammer. Capable of drilling where conventional rigs wouldn’t dream of, the SaberCat MTXD is now the gold standard for Geotechnical Drills.


Minimum Required Clearance:
W: 8 ft., H: 13.5 ft., L: 35 ft.

Minimum Operating Height:
35’6” ft. (Mast Up)

Power Source:

Rotary Capabilities:
6.5 in. ( 3.25” I.D. ) Hollow stem auger
8.5 in. ( 4.25” I.D. ) Hollow stem auger
11 in (6.625” I.D.) Hollow stem auger
3-5in. Mud Rotary
4-6in D.T.H. Air Hammer
Rock Coring (NQ/HQ)
Continuous Core Soil Sampling
Pitcher Barrel

Tip stress, sleeve stress, pore pressure, friction ratio, and soon, shear wave velocity

Rig Features:
4WD All-Terrain (Highway Legal)
Remote Digital Hydraulic Controls
Self-Calibrating Digital eSPT™ Auto Hammer
Advanced Safety Features
LED Night Illumination Package