Fraste PL-G

The Fraste PL-G is one of the most sophisticated drilling rigs we’ve ever owned. With rotary capabilities for auger, mud, air percussion and rock coring, it is the most capable and efficient limited access rig that we provide. Equipped with an auto hammer, and rod break-outs, the Fraste can handle your most challenging drilling projects. All this in a package that can be maneuvered, via wireless remote control, through a 40 inch opening! Call us today for a price quote.


Minimum required Clearance
W:40 in., H:96 in., L:204 in. (17 ft.)

Minimum Operating Height
18 ft.

Power Source
66hp Diesel

Crane Weight (Heaviest Piece)
9,500 lbs

Rotary Capability:
6.5in (3.25 ID) Hollow Stem Auger
8.5in (4.25 ID) Hollow Stem Auger
3-5in. Mud Rotary
4-6in D.T.H. Air Hammer
Rock Coring (NQ/HQ)
Pitcher Barrel

Rig Features
LED Night Illumination Package
Water cooled exhaust ventilation system