Badger LD

The wireless remote-controlled Badger rig is a versatile and cost- effective solution for limited-access large diameter drilling, sampling, down-hole logging, and drilled shaft projects. This track mounted rig can operate in tight areas— needing just 36 inches of side to side clearance and 12 feet overhead. The Badger is ideal for large diameter borings of 18 to 30 in. diameter with depths of up to 65 feet. Rubber and steel tracks make the Badger adaptable to virtually any drilling surface conditions.

The Badger travels with a support truck and a Bobcat to move supplies to and from boring locations, manage drill cuttings, and to expedite the backfill process.


Minimum Required Clearance:
W: 36 in., H: 86 in., L: 162 in.

Minimum Operating Height:
144 in. ( 12 ft. )

Power Source:
38 hp Diesel

Crane Weight (Heaviest Piece):
9000 lbs.

Available Augers:

  • 18 in., 24 in., 30 in.
  • Rock Auger / Core Bucket


Stemming Requirements:

  • 40 ft. Depth (Before Stemming)
  • 65 ft. Depth (After Stemming)


Maximum Slope:
2:1 (Mob Only) – Drill Flat Surface

Angle Drill:
To 10 Degrees


  • Down Hole Logging
  • Caisson Drilling