Full Service Drilling

Truck Mount Drilling

Truck mounted drilling rigs are the workhorses of the industry and Pacific Drilling Co. has four; Our newest and most versatile, the SaberCat MTXD, the Yeti M10, and our Wolverine M5 are extremely sophisticated hydraulic rotary rigs built by MARL Technologies in Alberta Canada. All are equipped with the revolutionary eSPT™ all-digital, self-calibrating auto hammer. The SaberCat MTXD and the Wolverine M5 are both mounted to 4×4, high clearance chassis with central tire pressure control. These street legal drills can access borings within the roughest of terrains, and provide auger, air percussion, mud rotary, rock coring and CPT soundings! The Yeti M10 has the equivalent rotary torque of a CME 95 and is equipped for auger, rotary wash, air rotary and CPT. Additionally, we have a Diedrich D50 rotary drill with auger, rotary wash, DTH air percussion and rock coring capabilities.

All four rigs are CARB and OSHA compliant, have on board water tanks and progressive cavity pumps.

Limited Access Drilling

Limited access drilling is how we began. It is in our DNA, and has been for almost 30 years. Assisting with field investigations in difficult to reach locations is a specialty at Pacific Drilling Co. Our extensive experience, unique equipment and problem solving capabilities, enable our team to provide solutions to your project’s unique challenges in a timely, cost effective manner.

Rock Coring

We have three rigs in the fleet that are capable of Rock Coring, the Fraste PL-G is compact, agile and versatile, the Diedrich D50 standard truck mount and the Sabercat MTXD all-terrain. Both NQ and HQ core barrels, wireline and conventional are available.

Air Rotary

Hard rock and cobble present unique challenges. To meet those challenges, Pacific Drilling Co utilizes DTH air hammers and a high volume, high pressure air compressor. Our track mount Mini-Mole, Fraste PL-G, truck mount Diedrich D50, Yeti M10 and SaberCat MTXD rigs are all configured to advance 4” to 6” diameter DTH hammers to depths of up to 100 feet.

Mud Rotary

If your project requires Mud Rotary drilling even in a hard to reach location, Pacific Drilling has the rig and equipment to provide an effective solution. Our crews can access your boring site for Mud Rotary drilling using either our truck mount Yeti M10 or Diedrich D50, our all-terrain SaberCat MTXD or our limited-access track mount Fraste PL-G and the extremely small Mini-Mole. Pacific Drilling offers a wide array of drilling / sampling technologies to meet your project’s unique requirements.

Large Diameter

Pacific Drilling Co. is equipped to meet your large diameter drilling requirements, even in difficult to reach locations. Needing just 36 in. side-to-side, and 86 in. vertical clearance, our extremely versatile track-mounted Badger rig is ideal for limited-access drilling for down hole logging or foundations. The Badger is capable of spinning 18 in., 24 in., and 30 in. diameter augers/ buckets to depths of up to 65 ft.

Our truck mounted Grizzly EZ Bore rig is ideal for open access and deeper drilling projects. The EZ Bore is capable of advancing 18 in. to 48 in. diameter augers/buckets to depths of up to 160 ft.