Beaver Tripod

The Beaver Tripod Rig is as versatile as it gets in the limited-access drilling industry. If you can stand at your desired boring site, chances are we can drill and collect the samples you want. The rig’s portable components are transported in a 4WD truck and assembled over the boring location. Powered by a 13 hp hydraulic power source the Beaver is capable of continuous solid flight auger borings up to 50 ft. deep using both SPT and Cal Modified Samplers. It is also capable of hollow stem auger drilling to depths of up to 30 ft. (SPT Only) The portable Beaver Tripod rig is the best choice for drilling in delicately landscaped areas, hillsides, or other hard to reach locations. It gets the job done with minimal impact on surrounding landscaping, and our crews are highly skilled at returning drill locations to their original conditions. The Beaver is extremely effective on slopes of up to 1:1. It is also used for Rotary Wash borings on docks, piers or our shallow draft pontoon boat.


Minimum Required Clearance:
Room To Walk

Minimum Operating Height:
96 in. ( 8 ft. )

Power Source:
13 hp Gas

Crane Weight: (Heaviest Piece)
200 lbs.

Rotary Capability:

  • 3 in. Solid Flight Auger
  • 6 in. Solid Flight Auger
  • 6 in. (2.75” I.D.) Hollow stem auger


Maximum Slope Drilling:
1:1 Slope

Rig Features:
Maximum Slope Drilling: 1:1 Slope
Power source can be placed up to 60ft from boring location
Water cooled exhaust ventilation system