This little rig has proven to be our most agile and versatile rig to date. It’s low center of gravity, expandable-retractable rubber tracks and built in hydraulic winch give it unparalleled stability on slopes and uneven terrain. Remote controlled capability allows for ease of maneuvering in extremely tight access situations. With 100 feet of 6-inch solid flight auger, a down-hole rock hammer, and mud rotary drilling capabilities, getting to depth has never been easier.


Minimum Required Clearance:
W: 36 in., H: 79 in., L: 120 in.

Minimum Operating Height:
132 in. ( 11 ft. )

Power Source:
33 hp Diesel

Crane Weight:
5500 lbs

Rotary Capabilities:

  • 3 in. Solid Flight
  • 6 in. Solid Flight
  • 3-4 in. Mud Rotary
  • 4-6 in. D.T.H. Air Hammer


Maximum Slope Drilling: 1.5:1 Slope

Angle Drilling: To 45 Degrees

Rig Features:
Slope Drilling to 1.5:1
Angle Drilling to 45 degrees
Water cooled exhaust ventilation system
Low overhead drilling (11ft)