The Mole is our “Low Overhead” hollowstem drill rig, with available direct push technology to make it more versatile. The rig is equipped with a high torque drill head, plus a cathead for standard ASTM sampling, all designed to drill under a 9’ overhead. The Mole is also ideal for pushing Shelby Tubes. Its compact design and rubber tracks fit through a 54 in. opening and allow it to track lightly—at only 7 lbs. P.S.I. under the treads. With an onboard air compressor, a grout pump, and a water tank on the support truck, the Mole brings unparalleled speed, power, and versatility to limited-access drilling.


Minimum Required Clearance:
W: 54 in.*, H: 79 in., L: 120 in.

Minimum Operating Height:
108 in. ( 9 ft. )

Power Source:
67 hp Diesel

Crane Weight:
7000 lbs.

Rotary Capabilities:
6.5 in. ( 3.25 I.D. ) Hollow stem auger
8.5 in. ( 4.25 I.D. ) Hollow stem auger

Direct Push:
DT22 Dual tube

Angle Drilling:
To 45 Degrees

Rig Features:
Angle Drilling to 45 deg.
Water cooled exhaust ventilation system
Low overhead drilling (9ft)