Soil Sampling

For almost three decades, Pacific Drilling Co. has been providing accurate soil samples for clients located throughout the Southwestern United States. After all, it is the reason we exist. Our experienced personnel and all rigs are equipped to collect soil samples using auto hammers, safety hammers, and for extreme limited access, our own custom built donut hammers. Additionally, we now offer the revolutionary eSPT™ auto hammer from MARL Technologies. This electronic auto hammer meets every requirement of ASTM Standard 1586 for the Standard Penetration Test, verifies the data digitally, calculates it’s energy efficiency, and transmits the results via the cloud to your desktop. No more once a year hammer calibration tests for this hammer! Download the spec sheet here.

All of our rigs carry:

  • Cal Modified Sampler
  • SPT
  • 2 in. Split Spoon (Environmental Standard)

Additionally, most rigs have the equipment to collect samples using:

  • Shelby Tubes
  • Continuous Soil Coring
  • Direct Push

Call our office today for information on geotechnical sampling, or to find out more about the exclusive eSPT™ auto hammer and its capabilities.

MARL eSPT® – Digital Standard Penetration Test from MARL Technologies on Vimeo.