Wolverine M5

Pacific Drilling Co.’s all-terrain Wolverine drill rig is capable of accessing remote and rugged job sites to get the job done. This remarkable, self-contained hollowstem drill rig is mounted on a heavy-duty, 4WD Unimog Mercedes truck. It is equipped with 3.25-6.5 in. I.D. hollowstem augers, digital self calibrating eSPT auto hammer, direct push hammer, mud rotary, on-board grout pump, on-board water supply, and continuous soil sampling. Capable of drilling anywhere from a sandy beach, to an off-road site in the mountains, the Wolverine is unrivaled in power and versatility.


Minimum Required Clearance:
W: 8 ft., H: 13 ft., L: 30 ft.

Minimum Operating Height:
35 ft. (Mast Up)
19 ft (Feed Frame only – No Winches)

Power Source:

Available Augers:

  • 6.5 in. ( 3.25 I.D. ) Hollowstem – Up To 150 ft.
  • 8.5 in. ( 4.25 I.D. ) Hollowstem – Up To 90 ft.
  • 4 in. Mud Rotary – Up To 100 ft.

Direct Push:
Up To 40 ft.

Rig Features:

  • 4WD All-Terrain (Highway Legal)
  • All Digital Hydraulic Controls
  • • Self Calibrating Digital eSPT Auto Hammer
  • Continuous Core Soil Sampling